Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hat Dispatch

On it's way to Dallas, Texas, USA. This Coral/Pink Pill Box is being worn at a Kentucky Derby Themed Baby Shower......How exciting!!!.. Running out of Stock on my website - best get making some more.

R x

Friday, 15 April 2011

Happy Hat Memories

I found this today, a lovely reminder of my Open Studio weekend, when I received lots of lovely comments about my Hats & Fascinators and even some bespoke orders for Ascot and Mother of the Bride.

Happy memories....sometimes when you are a creative person you need some reassurance, the sun was shinning & it raised money for the village...a win win.

Bye for now


Hat Dispatch

On it's way to Hertfordshire, maybe another Ascot Ladies Day outing....

Many thanks..


Monday, 11 April 2011

Hat Dispatch

Also going to Liverpool......

Many thanks

R x

Hat Dispatch

Gone to Liverpool!!!! Maybe to be seen at Ladies Day....

Many Thanks

R x

Been A Busy Spring Bee

I have been busy creating the following creations for the beautiful wedding of our wonderful friends.

This flower was made to match the detail on the bride's fabulous dress

The wedding reception was held in some magnificent Indian Tepees & the bride who is a fun loving character, therefore asked me to make her the following Indian Headdress, to party the night away.....oh & she did it in style...........

I also dyed & re trimmed the groom's mum's hat to match her handbag

Then finally here are some pictures of me & my hubby enjoying the glorious April Sunshine & my dainty fascinator.......

Still working on the Peony & Ivory Hat, for those of you who are waiting to see it!!!! As well as my customer orders!

Bye bye for now...