Sunday, 20 February 2011

My First Post....

Have finally got around to writing my first post & will do my utmost to keep things updated. Anyway, to introduce myself, I am a milliner based in Yorkshire. Married, I have an 8 year old son, 3 Labradors (2 from a rescue centre in Wales) & 3 chickens. So, there's always plenty going on to try & keep these posts interesting.

I will post more background information in the coming weeks & some pics of the various members of the family, as well as keeping you posted on new hats & fascinators that I've been making.

With regard my business, I have been making all sorts of hats & fascinators for just over 4 years now. After "getting into this" because I wanted a hat for an outfit (which, despite about 1,000 miles travelling, I couldn't find). So, after some training (& swearing), I've now got things sorted - am still learning & doing new things, but that's what makes it exciting & keeps my passion high. I do some advertising with the press, but is mostly just via my website -

I've built up a great set of regular customers from around the UK & made hats for all sorts of events - weddings, horse racing meetings, trips to see The Queen & even had some featured on Sky TV's 'Angela & Friends'. Designs have ranged from the very discrete, all the way through to the most flamboyant (the customer's brief was "I want one bigger than any that my friends are wearing" !!).

My latest achievement was being contacted by Vogue magazine the other week & will have one of my hats in an upcoming issue. Which is EXTREMELY exciting...

Right, that's it for now - I hope you'll come back again & let me know if you have any questions about anything.

Love loads,

Rachel xxx

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